Found a Solution for CH-Yoke & Pedals P3D V4.2

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Found a Solution for CH-Yoke & Pedals P3D V4.2

Postby SimForLife » Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:55 pm


1). Plug each of the CH - Products USB plugs onto your PC and allow windows 10 to load the drivers.
2). Go to your control panel/Devices & Printers & make sure it shows the 2x game comtroller's
are labeled CH Flight Sim Yoke USB & CH Pro Pedals USB.
3). Re-boot the PC.
4). Once your back up and running, download the CH-Control Manager Program, while it's loading
don't touch the mouse or the keyboard. It's going to update the drivers again for CH Flight Sim
Yoke & Pro Pedals and it's also going to load 2x HID-Compliant Game Controller drivers & the CH
Control Manager Root Device. Once that is completed you want to make sure all the drivers are
loaded so go back into your control panel/Devices & Printers and see everything is there.
5). Re-boot the PC.
6). Once you're back into Windows, go to your C:/Program Files (x86)/CH Products/ and double
click on the CHCtlMgr.exe file.
7). Once you're in the CH Control Manager, you want to click on the Direct Mode icon on the
main menu, you should hear 2x quick beeps indicating that Direct Mode has been chosen.
8). Now from the CH Control Manager you can click on the Test/Calibrate icon on the main menu
& calibrate your Yoke & Pedals don't forget to click apply before leaving the window.
9). Once you're all done with testing and calibrating, click on the Green Exit icon on the main menu.
10). Now, let's go to P3D, once you are there click on the options button, go to Controls & click
on Key Assignments. You're going to see Control Manger 001 & Control Manager 002, that's ok for now.
11). On the Controls, click other & you should be in the options - other menu. At the very top
where it reads INPUT METHOD, default is Raw Input, you must choose DirectInput and then click OK
at the bottom.
12). Once you do that, go back into your options button at the bottom & choose Key assignments under
controls and you're see that P3D recognizes the CH-Yoke & Pedals and you can adjust anything you like
from within P3D, including the calibrations within P3D and it works like a charm. Mission Accomplish
Just one final note here, you'll have to go through the key assignments and delete a couple of duplicate
assignments, I found my Brakes (apply/release) was duplicated so I deleted one of them, the flaps retract
incrementally & extend incrementally wasn't assign and my rudders I needed to delete the duplicates. After
that everything was find. I'm guessing that both CH-Manager & P3D duplicates some of the CH-Flight Sim Yoke
buttons that are located on the yoke system. This system beats having to remove FSIUPC 5.124 and re-downloading FSIUPC 5.122 or assigning all your axis and buttons within FSIUPC. P3D is great once you can figure out the work arounds.

I hope this works for everyone, give it a try and let me know. By the way I did all of this
with FSIUPC v5.124 I think the trick is assigning Direct Mode in CH-Manager & DirectInput in P3D and it
works for me with every vehicle.


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