Terra Emergence Project v2.5 P3Dv5 v6

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Terra Emergence Project v2.5 P3Dv5 v6

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TEP 2.5 is now out. (Freeware)


Another new version of TEP? Will you tell me. Let me explain: a user of my work pointed out to me that my previous 50cm and 30cm projects were very good by far. So I decided to adapt them to TEP. We are therefore moving from 2.4.1 to 2.5 without further ado. This version has 609 textures in 2K and 270 in 4K. Why not more HD textures? You should know that a 2K texture weighs 4 times more, and that 4K weighs 16 times more than a basic texture. I had to make choices, favoring mountainous areas, those that I prefer.

Visite my FB page for screenshot and other links :

Direct download
Full version (5.2 Gb) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N-fTQQ ... sp=sharing
Installation: read the readme file. Don't forget to select 4096 texture size in P3D.

Youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCqwxRAfCVo

TEP, what is it?
TEP 2,5 is a set of ground textures enhancement for Prepa3d 64 bits.
TEP takes again the whole world over the 4 seasons plus the rigorous winter.
Can be used alone on fresh P3D 64 bits install or on other global addon products.
These textures represent all natural zones visible around the world:
Rocks, mountain pastures, plains, deserts, marsh (with effects of water), forests, tundra, savannah,
glacier and snows, coral, hardened lava, yellow sand, white sand, black sand plus surfaces around certain airfields.
The other zones of the world are automatically merged with the TEP textures.
-Files 900 serie (Mask): Courtesy of Arnaud Clere.
That is to say more than 500 autogen files + 4000 textures with more 6.6 Gb of data.

Version 2.5 : add 609 textures in 2K – 270 textures in 4K rocks (Better rendering on vertical mesh)
Since version 2.4 TEP add 180 water texture made by me for FranceVFR and donated free of charge by them.
This work required 6 years of development and is made available free of charge to the simers.

How it works?
Textures of TEP replace those of P3D by new textures, in particular, those which have a desert aspect, while them returning more coloured and detailed. They were carried out on the basis of photograph taken in different part of the world.
Installation with XML file. Nothing is changed in P3D.

TEP is an enormous work which took 6 years to develop all these textures.
TEP makes it possible to improve returned P3D appreciably.

What is NOT?
TEP don't replace cities, villages and urban zones. (See my other addons on my FB page)
It's not a mesh.
Don't replace vector roads like Golbal vector or other products.

It's free?
TEP is a freeware, but you can donate for support my work.
See readme file for that.
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