Shared Cockpit

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Shared Cockpit

Post by ZhakirSetie »

With v4 I finally got multiplayer working, so I thought to contact a friend, with whom I've been talking about flying an aircraft together, so we could finally set up a shared cockpit, instead of keep hanging out in WoW, which I've sick of for over 10 years, already.
Only we're now running into the next problem, every aircraft we're looking at doesnt have a shared cockpit option.
With the Concorde we'll have to see if it even get's updated for v4 and if so, this probably will not be any time soon and I cant get my friend interested for the Q400.
I cant imagine there would be a whole shared cockpit function created for nothing, so there must be aircraft available for this function, I assume...
I personally dislike Airbus, my friend dislikes the Q400, so anything besides those 2. What options are there?
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Re: Shared Cockpit

Post by subsonic737 »

I have the same question here. What aircraft addons are available for P3D that have shared cockpit?

So far I've found (but haven't personally tried):
Aerosoft A320
Majestic Dash 8 Q400
Leonardo Maddog MD-80/82/88
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