F16 issues

Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to the additional features present in the Prepar3D Professional Plus client application.
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F16 issues

Postby sbourdot » Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:40 pm

I am running P3D v4 (Pro Plus Developer License) as I wanted to test the F16. Either I am doing wrong things, or have to complete some modifications but this version is very far from reality. The HUD display is very different from the real one (no flight path indicator and so on), a lot of the ICP switches are inoperative so a lot of things aren't usable, not sure that the INS is working (can switch from NAV to ALIGN to any other position without any change), etc.

I am very surprised because I read some good feedbacks for this version of the F16 on different forums and the description of the P3D Pro Plus capacities were interresting.

To sum up, I find the weapon system very far from reality and widely inoperative. Is there any things to do to fully enjoy this aircraft in P3D?

Thanks for your answers and for advise.

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