Problems with weather in Prepard3D version

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Problems with weather in Prepard3D version

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We are having problems with the new version of Prepar3D when we want to change the weather using SimConnect .

Before, we had version and with the same code it worked correctly.
Now with this new version (, although apparently the Prepar does support the command. It does not update the weather in the visual.

For example:

We use the
SimConnect_WeatherSetObservation(_fsxConnection, 0, sMETARAux);
hr = SimConnect_WeatherSetDynamicUpdateRate(_fsxConnection, 5);

And then we check that Prepar has updated the weather with the command:

char* pszMETAR = pWxData->szMetar;

We can see that sMETARAux and pszMETAR are equals, but Prepar does not update the weather in the visual (with the old version it works fine)

At this time, if we try to change the weather within the Prepar, we can see that although it allows us to change the weather. It still does not update it in the visual.
(In the visual, a weather state appears as frozen: without clouds, and with little visibility regardless of the weather entered).

We can only get out of this “frozen state”, selected from the Prepar any of the predefined weather, (“Clear Skies” for example).

Could you help us with this problem? It is essential to be able to update the weather for us.
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