WidevieW and Wide Traffic relevant with P3D Pro Plus?

Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to the additional features present in the Prepar3D Professional Plus client application.
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WidevieW and Wide Traffic relevant with P3D Pro Plus?

Postby ncngrr » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:57 pm

Does P3D Professional Plus eliminate the need for WidevieW and Wide Traffic?

I used both WV/WT for the past few years and was satisfied with the result. I’ve lately run into a problem with WV, though, that I can’t resolve and there appears to be no support any longer at their Forum (question go unread/unanswered for months on end, if ever). So, I’m looking at P3D Pro Plus with its multi-channel capability as a remedy to get me up and running again.

I have 5 1080p monitors for outside views, three on one PC and two on the another PC. I currently also have a sixth 1080p monitor for the instrument panel using Sim Innovations Air Manager and SPAD.neXt. I plan to add more screens for things like GNS 530/430, WX Radar, etc. I’ve reached the point that a third PC is inevitable.

Current PC specs are as follows:
1. I7-4770K, 2 x GTX760, 16 GB RAM
2. I7-4790K, 1 x GTX1070, 16 GB RAM
3. (Proposed) i7-9700K, 1 x RTX2080, 16 GB RAM

Here are my questions:
1. Which PC should be P3D Server?
a. What views should it support?
b. I’m guessing the i7-4770K should be the server and run the instrument panel and other ancillary cockpit/controls views, along with SPAD.neXT/Air Manager, all USB acessories, weather engine

2. Which PCs should be P3D clients?
a. What views should they support?
b. I’m guessing the i7-4790K (90-left and 90-right window views) and i7-9700K (front three window views: 45-left, front, 45-right)

3. Will P3D Pro Plus Server distribute AI aircraft to the clients and keep them sync’d between PCs/views?

4. Will P3D Pro Plus Server distribute ASP4 weather data to the clients and keep them sync’d between PCs/views?

5. Can a P3D Client PC be used to run ancillary programs/views such as RealSimGear GNS 530, REX/MilViz WX Radar, etc? (these are not stand-alone apps; they use graphics provided within the sim)

6. I used Fly-Elise Immersive LCD Pro to calculate the frustums and generate the ViewGroups.xml. I assume using those outputs with ViewGroups is how P3D is designed to produce the panoramic displays.

7. Regarding the use of "/MULTICHANNEL": the SDK says, "On each machine that is participating as part of the overall multichannel system, the following command line argument must be supplied to specify the configuration file to run:
/MULTICHANNEL:"<Config File Path>" . I'm not sure I understand what I'm to do here. I find the P3D network configuration file and add a line that reads, "Prepar3D.exe /MULTICHANNEL:"C:\Prepar3D\Network.CFG" (assuming I would use the actual folder where I install P3D!)?

8. Regarding downloading multiple copies of P3D Pro Plus, do I simply download the same Pro Plus software, activate the one that will be the Host/Server, and don't activate the client copies? I assume that the "/MULTICHANNEL" tells the clients to look to the server to verify it is properly activated. Yes?

I’m sure have more questions, but that’s all that come to me at the moment. I really would just like some affirmation that I'm on the right track!

Thanks much.

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