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Player as a non-pilot questions

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:58 pm
by jd60fe
LM/Board Gurus,

Just downloaded P3D and have some questions.
1. Can an AI avatar fly the ownship if the player is in a non-pilot position? I am looking to do some training for enlisted fliers and need to be able to have aircraft fly itself while I induce malfunctions for them to diagnose.

2. Has anyone tried using P3D as a host to TitamIM over DIS or CIGI? Seeing if I can leverage some existing work and use TitanIM as my IG and P3D as the ownship host.

3. Anyone done work with crew served weapons? I need to teach students some basic gunnery and would like to use a sing solution without having to do what I asked above.

Thanks in advance,