Multichannel Network performance

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Multichannel Network performance

Postby HLFS » Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:47 pm

Hey all,
we are encountering some performance trouble with a multichannel demo setup. Setup:
-1x Master, 1x visual pc with two gtx 970
-1gbit network
-windows 10, p3d v4.1
-3x projector 1920x1080, configured with view groups; 1 GPU the center projector, 2 gpu outer projectors
-globalterrainview = true on both configs
-framesync-rate in mc-config tested with values between 20 and 150 frames
-detail level in the medium range
-no dns, its a direct network with fixed ip's
-windows firewall deactivated

The picture stutters, but not only with a low framerate, but with a few frames nearly smooth (yes, the hardware is not ideal, but sufficient for demoing), than a stutter, again a few frames smooth, etc.

What is the minimum network connection speed and bandwith requirement? Any ideas where the stutter results from? (I exclude loading stutter, harddisk/ssd usage (intel 750 in nvme mode) is consistently low) Could it be a problem in the DNS/ARP? Is there any way to use multichannel with IP adresses, so that DNS is not needed?

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