P3D v4 problem with weather change in multichannel

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P3D v4 problem with weather change in multichannel

Postby FS-Rostock » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:59 pm

Hallo everybody,
we experience a multichannel related problem in version v4 and v4.1. Multichannel is set up as described in the documentation. One host and three clients (software synchronized). Host and clients uses the following addons:

- Prosim 737 Flightmodel
- Orbx Global, Vector, EU + NA LC, Germany North
- REX Texture Direct + Soft Clouds

The host uses additionally:
- Active Sky

Often, then live weather (active sky) is changing or if we set a global weather setting via managed simconnect (WeatherSetObservation) manually, one or more clients stops loading and show “loading air, land, and see traffic… 99%” (sometimes other % values) the host shows “waiting for all players data to load”. It seems that the clients do not crash at all because then we reset the position via simconnect (SetDataOnSimObject) all clients and host reload the scenery as expected.

This happens only then the aircraft is airborne and never on ground before. It also happens on various locations all over the world. It seems to happen more frequently if the aircraft is airborne for a longer time (> 20 min) or passed a long distance (> 200 miles).

This is one METAR used with WeatherSetObservation:
GLOB 262050Z 00000KT&D3050NG 7917M&B-1499&D2414 1250M&B0915&D0610 8CB030&CB000ANMR000N 15/10 Q1013

Stefan Schwart
Rostock - Germany

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