Voice Control for non-English (US) languages ?

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Voice Control for non-English (US) languages ?

Postby KevinKaessmann » Wed May 01, 2019 10:18 am

After upgrading my Win 7 Home Premium german to Win 7 Ultimate, installing an English (US) language pack in addition to my german installation, redo massive windows updates, changing "Language for non-Unicode programs" to "English (United States)", changing "display language" to english, configuring speech recognition (Set up microphone) and training my computer "to better understand", setting "EnableVoiceRecognition=1" in prepar3d.cfg,
in brief: after hours of trial&error and blood,sweat&tears, I'm able to use native Prepar3d voice control / voice recognition (poooh :-).

In my opinion - although I know, voice control is marked as "experimental" - the use of this very cool feature should be made easier.

My first wish: the documentation should be enhanced on how Windows has to be setup (only usable in an US english windows environment in Win 7, maybe in Win 10 too ?).

Second: Voice control should be possible in the native language of the windows installation.
So, it would work for every installation and selection could be done from the P3D "options" menu instead of modifying prepar3d.cfg.

Third: Voice Control in ATC should recognize not only numbers but the words behind the numbers - instead "select option1", I like to speak "Tune ground on 130 point 0" for example).

My first experience: voice control saves me many mouse clicks (in communication with ATC for example).
It's of high value even without VR (I use TrackIR instead).
And a headset with a microphone is an affordable investment.

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