3 very important issues

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3 very important issues

Postby sibbe83 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:22 pm

Hello, I've mentioned this previously. Here's 3 of the biggest issues in P3D v4.1 right now. I hope this will be fixed soon. Everyone is whining about sloped runways etc. But I think we should get basic issues solved before we move on to introducing new features.

1. Ground friction bug (issue since FSX)
I guess this needs no further explanation.

2. Realistic turbo prop simulation (issue since before FSX)
The current state of the turbo prop simulation makes it impossible to fly turboprops properly. It takes a lot of power to get the plane moving, and suddely when it starts moving it accelerates rapidly. There is also no way of managing torque in an easy and controlled way in the sim. Also, startups are unrealistic.

3. Realistic water dynamics (so we can finally fly float planes. Right now we need way to much break off power)
Takes a lot of break away power to get the airplane moving. Very unrealistic behaviour on water.

Enjoying P3D v4.1 and looking forward to v4.2. Hopefully these issues will have been solved, or at least some of them.

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Re: 3 very important issues

Postby funkyaz77 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:01 pm

Hi LM,

Completely agree about ground friction setting, this has been a long legacy issue I thought would of been dealt with, the braking and take-off rollout for training purposes is incorrect as its like going through tar! We shouldn't have to rely on third party software to fix a standard issue.

Also LM you have Mike on your team who used to work for Microsoft and is himself a private pilot as well as being well educated in Physics to a very high standard and was responsible for engineering the flight dynamics in FSX! There are entertainment products with better physics. Prepar3d is a training platform. My local flying club has deleted all of Prepar3ds flight physics and entered their own! A lot of work just to make something realistic(ish).

The feel of the aircraft needs to be better, smoother more fluid as well as the lift and drag calculations, these are often manipulated but again not to a high degree.

Please Please LM fix the Flight Dynamics and change / improve the flight modelling!!! not only for turboprops but also for jets! You are a training simulator, surely a better solution would be to address these issues and then developers could spend less time designing flight dynamics and more time incorporating training needs within an aircraft!

This is much more important than sloped runways and updated navdata (although these again are important)
Thanks for listening.


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Re: 3 very important issues

Postby sibbe83 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:19 pm

Totally agree with you funkyaz77. Before anything else, we need proper jet and turbo prop simulation. And of course, flight dynamics could need some improvement as well. Especially GA airplanes. Flight models should get more influenced by wind and weather. And of course realistic water dynamics and get rid of the ground friction bug.

Right now, I don't care too much about the graphics. But major things like a severely broken turboprop simulation is a big no go for me. Jets as well could need some improvement. X-plane simulates turboprops quite well, but I'm not a big fan of X-plane even though I own X-plane 11. But right now if I want to fly turboprops, X-plane is the only way to go.

I really hope LM reads this post and decide to do something about this for the next update.

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Re: 3 very important issues

Postby Eseem » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:24 am

Ground friction is definately no1 on my list. Wether this is in the works or not, could you at least work with Peter Dowson so that he can make the DynamicFriction lua available in FSUIPC5? It at least fixed some basic issues like required breakaway thrust.

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Re: 3 very important issues

Postby alexplgr » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:40 am

Don't forget
braking friction/reaction time.
better/realistic wind effects.
icing conditions that can affect aircraft
Heavy airplanes can takeoff without flaps and trim settings - thats no realistic at all
Landing distance takeoff distance must be affected from wheight, runway condtition -this must be fixed

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