SimConect Reset Events

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SimConect Reset Events

Postby Simbol » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:50 am


Currently injected AI traffic via .BGL does not get reset when the end user visit certain system menus, for example:

Example A:

You open the general display settings, change your AA settings and click apply

Example B:

You open the general display settings to check something but you click CANCEL, nothing has changed.

Example C:
You open the general display settings and change some shadows settings.

However if you inject traffic via Simconnect using any of the Simconnect functions and the user perform any if the actions above a RESET event is being sent via SimConnect causing the traffic to disappears and forcing developers to re-inject the traffic again.

This is not ideal in terms of user experience and system performance, so could it be posible to expand or tweak the resets events sent to SimConnect clients when these are only necessary in future releases of PD3? for example if the user has change the time of the day or the scenario it is understandable to reset the AI traffic but if the users just opened and closed the menu entry it doesn't make sense.

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