Suggestion for next version

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Suggestion for next version

Postby Emile » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:33 am

As P3d V4.1 controls all the files contents and reports in the "contentErrors.txt"

1/ add a control for non valid Models (not FSX or not P3D)
2/ add a control for non usable Traffic .bgls

And report.
Thanks in advance
Emile EBBR
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Re: Suggestion for next version

Postby Vinny002 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:07 pm

Hi, guys! I got a suggestion for the next version of Prepar3D: is the more accurate aerodynamics like when flying the F-16 at an altitude of only 2,000 feet MSL the F-16 should only fly at about 850 to 860 Knots TAS or about Mach 1.3 and the F-16 should fly at about 1,150 Knots TAS or about Mach 2.0 at around 36,000 feet MSL. I test flew the F-16 the other day I can fly at about 1,150 knots TAS or about Mach 2.0 at around 5,000 feet MSL which is definitely not realistic! In order to fly at these fast speeds you have to climb into the thinner air. Please look into this! Thanks!


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