Promoting for a new and better ATC and AI system

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Promoting for a new and better ATC and AI system

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Dear developers,

I'm getting more and more frustrated about the default ATC (now with 5.2).

I purchased the Qualitywings 787 a while ago and flying with the default ATC is challenging.

The most annoying thing is that the command for the descent and the approach into the airport is coming way too late so I'm too high to finish the approach. Reducing the altitude ahead not helps because the command for the further decent also coming too late.

My impression also is that my plane is not getting recognize by ATC when I hold for lining up before takeoff.

I don't want to purchase any of the third party ATC because none of them is satisfying for me.

So dear developers, please revamp the default AI along with a new AI system. Aside that I really enjoying v5.2, it's a great flightsim.

Thank you very much and keep it going.
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