Prepar3d v5 Multiplayer Mode and Licences

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Prepar3d v5 Multiplayer Mode and Licences

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I have some questions about Prepar3D v5 multiplayer mode. I'm using
"Professional Plus license" and client is using "Development license".
If I create multiplayer mode as like host, can client join to my
multiplayer mode ? I mean, can they play at multiplayer mode with different
types of licenses ?
The host(Professional Plus license) will use 2 airplanes. These are own
airplane and AI mode airplane. Client (Develepor License) will use own
plane at Multiplayer mode. Are this situation and reverse situation
possible ?
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Re: Prepar3d v5 Multiplayer Mode and Licences

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Yes, different license types can join the same multiplayer session but every client must be using the same version to connect (i.e.

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