Side views lagging a lot when flying on wide screen 21:9

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Side views lagging a lot when flying on wide screen 21:9

Postby kimk10 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:43 am

Hi everyone,

I am using 21:9 49inch wide screen and most of my graphics settings are set to 'Dense' or 'High' to suit flight sim experience. I am not an avid VFR flyer but enjoy departure out of an airport around populated area for an example KSFO. FXAA and Vsync are turned off as well as Freesync feature however I am still seeing scenery lagging in other words, I was able to see major lags mostly on left and right side of cockpit. I tried to set different combination of graphics setting however nothing really had worked out very well, using i9-9900K and 2080Ti X Trio, sometimes I am so dissapointed with what these specs can do.

My screen is at 120HZ without freesync and SSD is nVME 500GB. RAM 64GB DDR4 with ASUS Z390.

Your ideas and supports are always appreciated

Thank you.

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