not at all smooth sim after takeoff

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not at all smooth sim after takeoff

Postby FlyHardiQ » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:46 pm

as provided I used affinitymask=84/85 to increase performance after definitely did increase performance but it creates more stutters and lags making it almost unflyable.

my question here is what other possibilites do I have to gain performance and a smooth sim after taking off..since the fps goes down the drain after I takeoff in the sim.. as long as I'm on the ground the fps is absolutely fine..its be 3 past version of p3d v4 since i'm facing this issue.

issue summary -as soon as I takeoff my fps is not as it should be as in the sim is not at all smooth while panning/moving around in the cockpit or even just landing or any other phase..

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