PD3v4.4 +PMDG 777 + Logitech Extreme 3dPro

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PD3v4.4 +PMDG 777 + Logitech Extreme 3dPro

Postby billtimepilot » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:18 pm

> I use a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick with my P3Dv4.4 sim. I
> notice this is a highly recommended model for this sim.
> This unit is properly calibrated as far as Logitech’s own software
> is concerned.
> I fly the PMDG Boeing 777 in my sim and have much experience with this
> generally.
> I do not want to go the route of purchasing an array of items such as
> a yoke, pedals and add-on instrumentation.....I am happy to use the
> joystick in combination with autopilot functions to fly the aircraft.
> However, I seek your help to make adjustments to the Joystick because
> it does not represent in flight the heaviness and bulk of a Boeing 777
> in flight...especially in good weather.
> If I disconnect the autopilot on approach to landing, the aircraft is
> very twitchy and is very difficult to control and keep on track.
> I would have thought that once properly set up and stabilised on an
> ILS approach, the Heavy Boeing would need only very slight inputs via
> the joystick to complete the landing if the autopilot is disconnected.
> In its present state, the very slightest movement of the joystick
> under these conditions will cause the aircraft to wander off course.
> It overreacts far too much.....is over sensitive.
> Can joystick input characteristics can be modified in
> P3Dv4.4 to better suit the PMDG Boeing 777. I would like to know if
> compensation for an ‘oversensitive ‘ joystick can be performed
> within the software of the sim.

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