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Does anybody know any good reading material or starting points on the most effective way to utilize this monitor? While I didn't get it just for P3D, I would like to try and take advantage of it, if possible. I would hate to make the default 165hz go down to either 30hz or 60hz, I could go for either 120hz or even 144hz, just not to sure the best way to do that, in conjunction with adjusting P3D or NI or NCP settings.

· Specs:
o Case: EVGA DG-86 (Average Case Temp 28°C)
o Fans: 5xCorsair PML 140 Pro Led (3 Front Case and 2 Rear Case) and 3xCorsair PML 120 Pro Led (Primary Top Case) / EKWB-Furious Vader EVO 140x 3 and EKWB-Furious Vader EVO 120x 3 (As Back-up)
o CPU: Intel 8700k
o GPU: GB Aorus Xtreme Geforce GTX 1080ti Waterfroce WB
o MB: GB Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 (*Note* the top M.2 slot is not utilized, to avoid turning off the 0 SATA Port)
o RAM: G. SKILL TridentZ RGB 32GB SDRAM DD4 3200 CL14
o Audio Card: Creative SBX AE-5 7.1
o PSU: Thermaltake PS-TPG-1250DPCTUS-T G RGB 1250W
o Storage 1: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500GB (OS) Windows Home 64bit
o Storage 2: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500GB (P3D) Prepar3d Academic Vs. I am currently enrolled with Embry Riddle Aero
o Storage 3: WD Black 6TB Performance Desktop HDD (Photo Scenery)
o Storage 4: Samsung 860 Pro 500GB (Other Gaming Drive)
o Storage 5: Samsung 860 Pro 500GB (P3D File and Gaming File Storage)
o Storage 6: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (Music and Document File Storage)
o Storage 7: WD Black 1TB HDD (Movie File Storage)
o Storage 8: WD Black 1TB HDD (TV Series File Storage)
o Lighting Rod: LOGISYS UV Deluxe Sound Activated Cold Cathode
o Lighting Strips: CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED 60CM RGB (UV with an additional 60CM Extension)
o Cables: CableMod Modmesh Nylon Blue
o Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ OC 165GHz
o Speaker: Creative Katana Sound Bar / Logitech G933 Headset for P3DV4

· Cooling:
o CPU/MB: EKWB FB GA Z370 Gaming RGB Monoblock for both the CPU and MB
o GPU: Pre-Installed WB
o M.2 SSD: EKWB NVMe Blue Heatsink x2
o Coolant: EKWB CryoFuel Blue Premix UV Reactive
o Pump: EKWB-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite
o Reservoir: EKWB RES X3 250 RGB
o Radiator: EKWB Coolstream XE 360 and EKWB Coolstream CE 420 (For Top and Front Positions)
o Cable: EKWB DuarClear UV with PrimoChill Anti-Kink Coil UV Reactive
o Temp Sensor: Thermaltake Pacific Temp Sensor

· Settings:
o OC Settings:
§ CPU: I7-8700K; (OC to 5.0GHz @ 1.435V, Temp: 40-60C°) Verified Stability
· Core 0-5 set to 50x
· Core Voltage: 1.435V / VCore LLC: Extreme / Core Voltage Mode Adaptive
· AVX Ratio: N/R

§ GPU: Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme Geforce GTX 1080ti WF WB; (OC to 1746GHz, Temp: 30-50C°) Verified Stability
· Aorus Graphic Engine: Set to OC Mode
· GPU Boost Clock 1746MHz
· Memory Clock 11448MHz

§ Memory: G. SKILL TridentZ RGB 32GB SDRAM DD4 3200 CL14;
· OC using XMP Profile 1

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