so sound when using Oculus in v4.4

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so sound when using Oculus in v4.4

Postby Maxs » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:26 am

Hey folks,
I need your help.
I've got myself an Oculus for flying in P3D v4.4 (which is awesome - thank you P3D!) but I have sound problems.
In 80% of the cases I can't get any sound through my Oculus headphones.
In 20% of the flights it works but I can't figure out what's the difference on those flights.

So what happens:
- I start a flight.
- When everything is loaded and the planes sits on the Ramp, I start the Oculus service (either via Oculus home or via Oculus tray tool).
- After Oculus service is started and I see the home screen in my Rift, I enable Oculus VR in P3D.
- At that point I see virtual P3D in my Oculus as background with sound working fine through the headphones. But the Oculus menu bar is in the foreground. As soon as I close the menu bar (menu button on the right touch controller), the P3D sound stops immediately but visually im in P3D now. When I push the menu button again, I get the P3D sound again but the visual is degraded to the background (which is much darker).
In 20% of the cases (as mentioned earlier) pushing the menu button makes the sound stay enabled, no matter if P3D is in the foreground or in the background - I have no idea why.

My settings:
Windows Standard Audio device: Loudspeaker (not the Oculus - changing to Rift as standard gives me no audio at all)
Oculus device settings: Audio via Rift, mirroring and Audio of non-VR Apps in VR enabled.

Has anyone else experianced something similar?
What are your steps and settings to make it work?

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