Other problems or issues not covered by other troubleshooting topics.
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I have the following issues with P3DV5.1 (Professional) Correct WIN10 updates etc installed.

These are reported, I report them again:

1. Sim Director does not function fails to load a tall no matter how long you wait (8 hours plus enough for anybody) when this occurs the program is using CPU at 100% and P3D then has to be shutdown via task manager as it is no longer responsive to program commands.

2. Pilot Log Book corruption - fails to log any flights from 1 week after install. Reinstall of client and other parts of P3D has not corrected the problem.

Now add these:
In sim menus slow and at times unresponsive (Note CPU check shows sometimes less than 50% capacity) namely
Internal Flight Planner GUI - can hang or take 4-5 minutes to work - sometimes it will causes CTD.
Internal Flight Planner GUI - can hang or take 3-4 minutes to load an externally prepared flight plan in format for P3D. FSUIPC will load the plan instantly by comparison.
Map - map GUI can become unresponsive failing to change views - or + this also can cause CTD occasionally or stall the program.

Resulting in dreaded Windows message PROGRAM IS UNRESPONSIVE WAIT OR ABORT Dialogue box appearing!

ATC AI as enroute or terminal AI system is rubbish with unrealistic frequency changes, long course and heading and altitude changes and erratic guidance to vectors or airport approaches (How is being kept at 10,000 ft until short final then cleared to land!)

Note CPU usage and GPU usage is not an issue CPU can be as low as 50% and the GPU only running at about 25% of capacity on Intel chipset and NVIDIA RTX2070 Super.
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