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"Differential Brakes"????..Uh?

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:06 pm
by fernandito1969
Hello Folks!
I am trying to get some assistance with a small issue here in my PD3v4.5 that just recently appeared and never encountered before. I was just starting a flight with an A330 and after push back and preping for taxi I have notice a red bar on the Left Bottom corner where you will see normally the Breaks status and I am getting a msg with "Differential Brakes". I have released and set the breaks many times and when throttling up the engines it will not move as if the Brakes are still active. Could you help or advise on how to fix this. I did first consulted with the folks at AES and I had a recent reply "That is usually an axis calibration or axis reversal issue in P3D."

Fernando R.