Circular Reflection Bug?

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Circular Reflection Bug?

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I've noticed a strange problem with aircraft reflections. Effectively metallic reflections have a strange 'watery' and circular appearance. This affects both default aircraft and addon aircraft. For reference, I'm not using any shader add-ons.



I first noticed it last night, and after deleting the Prepar3D.cfg and my shader cache, it seemed to be fine all day today. I reloaded the sim again this evening and it's reappeared.

I tried deleting the shader cache again, but this did nothing. I deleted the Prepar3D.cfg again and, sure enough, it went away...until I restored my settings and reloaded the simulator.

I then rolled back to older drivers (460.79 - December 2020), and reinstalled the client and content components of P3D, to no avail.

After this, I tried increasing each setting individually, but nothing triggered the bug until I restarted the simulator.

I then tried dialling up each setting individually, restarting the sim between each. I think I've narrowed it down to the cloud shadow cast setting, which is strange considering I've always had this enabled. It was also fine when I flew today.

I then remembered that I had accidentally put the cloud shadow quality up to ultra when I first deleted my Prepar3D.cfg. I had reduced it back to medium (which I ony recently started using) after my flights today. Pulling at straws, I put the shadow quality back to ultra and it's gone. I also tried high, and that seems to work too.

So a combination of cloud shadow cast on and shadow quality below high causes these reflection bugs to trigger, but I'm not sure why?

Does anybody have any ideas?

Prepar3D V5.1 HF1
8700K @ Stock
1080Ti @ Stock
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