Questions about how the simulator parses config files

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Questions about how the simulator parses config files

Postby obinder » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:57 am

Hello @ll,

I am currently writing a little tool to automatically correct some of the simpler issues listed in the content error log file.
I have hit a snag currently, as developers are sometimes using the same parameters or sections with different values in the same cfg file, where one of the sections alone does not make too much sense, but both sections merged look plausible (different paramters have values in one section but not in the other section).

My question is predominantly about the aircraft.cfg, but it applies to the others too (sim.cfg, effect files)

1. If the same section ([...]) appears twice in the same file, how does the sim handle it?
- is the first section ignored?
- is the second section ignored?
- are both sections merged? If so, how? If a parameter has no value in the first section, but there is one in the second, is that second value applied?

2. If a key appears twice in the same section, is the first one relevant or the last one?

3. If a key appears outside of its section, in a completely different place, is it ignored?

(please read "twice" as "multiple times")

I would appreciate any guidance...

Best regards
Oliver Binder

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