Support for WAAS-enabled GPS units

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Support for WAAS-enabled GPS units

Postby fsaerodata » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:10 am

Hi, this is a request to LM development team, and I think it was raised a long time ago

Prepar3D Autopilot lacks the capability to perform GPS LPV approaches (GPS with vertical guidance), because there is no possibility to feed the WAAS-enabled signal from GPS unit to P3D A/P.
10 years after it's implementation and circa 4,000 approaches of that type only in the US, I think it's time to add it to the training platform.

I presume it's a quite easy change on Prepar3D side; it would require adding these variables:
-WAAS GS FLAG (equivalent to existing NAV GS FLAG): enable reception of GPS GS deviations
-WAAS GLIDE SLOPE ERROR (equivalent to existing NAV GLIDE SLOPE ERROR): feeds GPS GS deviations to A/P.
-Variable NAV GLIDE SLOPE ERROR does not need to be changed; when in WAAS GS mode, it outputs GPS GS deviation and can be read by HSI gauge or other instruments.

If you need a prototype of GPS unit that can output these deviations to P3D, and examples of coded LPV approaches from our navigation database, let us know

I look forward to its implementation,
Jose L.

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