SIDs/STARs XML gps and map variables

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SIDs/STARs XML gps and map variables

Postby rpmc » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:38 pm

Are the SID/STAR XML gps and map variables operational? If they are, I would like to understand how they function. From the Compiling BGL SDK, I recognize the need to first create the SID/STAR ‘approaches’, but once that is done, can the XML format variables manipulate and display the procedures?

Thanks very much.


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Re: SIDs/STARs XML gps and map variables

Postby fsaerodata » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:42 am

Yes, they work with our SIDs/STARs database when displaying a fligthplan. One remark, which is not documented neither on your excellent quidebook nor on Prepar3d SDK; to display SIDs, STARs, the following flags need to be set on variable ObjectDetailLayerFlightPlan:
Bit 4: display Arrivals when set to 1.
Bit 5: display Departures when set to 1.
e.g. 0x3F will display approaches, arrivals and departures.

Nevertheless, this switch is not implemented when displaying arrival or departures on a simple map, e.g. when scrolling through the list of available arrivals.
Question to LM development team: how can be displayed Arrivals or Departures on the small map?, since similar variables as DetailLayerApproach or ObjectDetailLayerApproach are not available for SIDs/STARs.

Jose L.

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