Eye Tracking Possibilities

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Eye Tracking Possibilities

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I'm trying to create a plugin, which lets you monitor how much time you spent looking at the different gauges. Unfortunately, eye tracking lacks a good, detailed documentation, that's why I'm asking for your help.

For example, there are 2 world focus variables, worldfocus_left and worldfocus_right. Only the first one contains coordinate values, the second one will always be zero. How is it possible? If the focus value is calculated from both the left and the right eyes, then why is it stored in the worldfocus_left variable, not seperatly in a different variable?

Also, is there a method, which tells you exactly which gauge or instrument you are looking at, or do I have to calculate it manually through the whole flight? There is a scenario available, where the user can interact with the switches and knobs just by looking at them, that's why I thought, maybe it is possible without doing difficult and unefficient calculations behind the scenes.

Thanks, Norbert
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Re: Eye Tracking Possibilities

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If you only need to know which instrument the user is looking at, PDK General Samples/GazeDataCapture can be useful.
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