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p3d v4 simConnect_beginVideoStream doesn't work on windows7 64-bit

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:03 am
by winter
I'm tring to use SIMCONNECT_BEGINVIDEOSTREAM to accept p3d's videoStream on my client, but there are problems.

I have confirmed that I can receive the correct video stream data while p3d running on Win10 64-bit, so I can see the video in my client.
On Windows 7, I used the same approach and didn't get the right results. I used the WireShark tool but didn't get any relevant data packets. And I check that the SIMCONNECT_BEGINVIDEOSTREAM port is open , through the CMD command to query.

How do I make SIMCONNECT_BEGINVIDEOSTREAM work on Windows 7? Or it was a bug anyway!

Thank you for your answer.