Hoist / Sling Cable with Hook

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Hoist / Sling Cable with Hook

Postby Kuse » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:44 am


sorry first for my english. i speek german normaly :-)

I have tried to made a helicopter logging mission with Sling / Hoist System. Everything works without problems.
it ist amazing to fly helicopters with the oculus rift P3d V3.4

now to my problem:
the sling cable is very hard to see because ist to thin. Also ist realy hard to assess the distance from the cabel end to the ground. In real they use often a red or a yellow rope with a special Hook at the end of the cable/rope.


is it possible to:
- change the thickness of the cable?
- change the color of the cable?
- ad a logging hook at the end of the cable?
- where ist the cable defined in the programm?

if its possible to change this settings (maybe incl. shadows at ground) it will bee mutch more realistic and easyer to fly sling or hoist operations ind P3d...

thank you very mutch for your reply

Best Regard


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