Limitations of P3D V4?

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Limitations of P3D V4?

Postby Easton » Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:01 am

Hey guys,

I am preparing to start working on a scenery in P3D V4 in the coming months and am thinking a little bit about the potential limitations I may run into.

What should I watch out for?

I don't want to end up having more polygons or vertices than the sim can handle. My main focus is going to be ultra realistic texturing, but I do not know the limitations to 4k scanned textures in P3D V4. Thankfully 32 bit is dead and 64bit means my only real worry for textures is VRAM (as far as I know), and now we have 6GB+ GPU's.

Will I run into any problems with texture sizes and should I watch out for anything texture related?

What about SpeedTrees? When I create some high detailed SpeedTrees for my surrounding airport will I have to worry about performance being hogged on this, and should I just use Planar mapped trees from textures instead?

Also, not related to performance, but when will PBR and DX12 become available? Any hints?

Thank you,


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