P3d v4.3 CTD fix but Flight Planner Problem

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P3d v4.3 CTD fix but Flight Planner Problem

Postby Hawaiianstyle78 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:09 pm

So just FYI for anyone having this problem. I suffered multiple CTD's last few days. I thought it was my Overclock Vcore multiplier. It was originally set at Vcore 1.200v and I flew flawlessly the last few weeks then all of sudden CTD. I raised the Multiplier to 1.260v which increased the heat on my delidded cpu but I made 2 consecutive flights. I setup another flight yesterday evening and had a CTD. Found out what the culprit was. It was the Bonjour app that was installed onto my pc that runs things associated with iTunes apple. It was 3 files associated with Bonjour but the major one that was listed in event viewer that was the first to cause the error was the mDNScore….file of Bonjour. I deleted the Bonjour on Program features list and its smooth again. I even brought my Vcore back down to 1.200v and low heat averaging around 65C full flight as compared to 1.260v was at 74C.

2nd problem is the flight planner of p3d. I cant drag the flight path line to create my flight plan. im trying to drag the line over a waypoint to connect it and it wont allow me to. I try to drag it, The flight map turns black and the line snaps back to the orginal location. This is frustrating. Also, the icons ontop of the map (ILS, Icon info, terrain, Jet Airways....etc), I click on the icons that I want represented all the time whenever I load up P3d flightplanner map. Every time I close P3d and start it back up, It has the icons Unmarked. For instance, I want ILS, Jet Airways, Intersections/Waypoints, Terrain and Icon Information ALWAYS on. In fsx when you set it up to stay on, You could close FSX and load it back up and they would stay on until you unclicked your changes. This needs to fixed. Both problems with the flightplanner . This is horrible.

thank you

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