New here and have some questions.

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New here and have some questions.

Postby xlr8 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:12 pm

Hi all, I have some questions that maybe some of you can help me with. I have played flightsims for years. I still play FSX the steam version but really need a better stick.

About the license. Is the academic license the whole game/sim. Is it one time buy or is it a monthly/yearly/microtransactions thing.

The game. I have seen the videos and some say its a updated FSX. Can you use FSX aircraft/sceanery with it. What ayrcraft, areas of the world comes with it.

If I do buy this, what is a recommended flightstick. I had a x52 (older one from saitek) but it died. I thought about another one but have read they don't work well with windows 10.

I read the system requirements, byt thought someone might know how my system would work.
8gb nenmory
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windows 10

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Re: New here and have some questions.

Postby Sabre57 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:23 pm

You’ll need to read the documentation on the lM website for the differences in the licenses. There are several options that are possible depending on your situation.

For FSX assets the answer is that it depends. Each particular ac or scenery may or may not work at all or may partially work. You will need to reasearch each one to know for sure. Some need new installers some need to be purchased again with upgrade fees or full price depending on the creator.

For the stick, you will have to research it as well. There are too many people that have something that works for them but not for others. In general hardware thats still produced will work. However, you will need to look at the specific information for each one.

I assume that your cpu is an I5. It should run, but there are too many variables to say how well. You may have to scale back the sliders from fsx as LM have made many changes that have increased the quality of the sim as well as performance improvements.

YMMV on anything I’ve written as I’m just a satisfied P3D customer.

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