After receiving great feedback from our SW Forum users, we have implemented new application enhancements and made a large numbers fixes to improve stability and usability of Prepar3D.

Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D 1.4

New Simulator Enhancements

  • AMD EyeFinity Gold Certified - The simulation will now start with WideViewAspect enabled on EyeFinity-supported resolutions
  • Windows and panels are now saved and loaded from multiplayer and multichannel scenario files like they are in Singleplayer flights
  • Panel-only camera views now save and load from scenario files in single and multiplayer/multichannel flights

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed several issues that caused stutters or performance issues in certain cases
  • Bathymetry is now disabled by default in all performance profiles

User Interface Updates

  • All user interface windows and dialogs now remember their last known position and what screen they were last on (see Learning Center User Interface Configuration section for details)
  • Apply button has been removed from the user interface, and the accept and cancel button locations have been swapped
  • Time of Day and Season are now accurately updated based on user input updates
  • Advanced weather now accurately updates the simulation based on user input
  • The flight map now saves all visual settings last set by the user
  • Observer Management user interface refined and streamlined
Content Updates

Standard Vehicle Library Content Updates

  • Mooney Acclaim M20TS provided courtesy of Lionheart Creations Ltd.
  • IRIS T-6/A Texan II provided courtesy of IRIS Flight Simulation Software

Scenery Content Updates

  • Fort Rucker Scenery Expansion - Three new airports with custom scenery objects on top of over 5km of aerial imagery including custom autogen tree placement.
  • New Airports (Heliports) - KHEY (Hanchey Army Heliport), KFHK (Knox Army Heliport), and HEY (Hanchey Auxillary)
  • Airport KOZR (Cairns Army Airfield) Updates - All new layout of buildings, taxiways, runways and airport objects to match 2010 aerial imagery, color corrected and blended to match the surrounding terrain.
  • Fixed dozens of other legacy scenery and database issues in the existing scenery database as reported by our forum users
SimConnect and Software Development Kit (SDK) Enhancements for Developers
  • Updated the Camera Configuration SDK adding a LinkGroup parameter to allow linked camera views to move concurrently with a single input correctly
  • Engine sounds are now supported with ExternalSim implementations
  • Reverted the file back to its previous version, and renamed the new GPS with SIDS/STARS support to
  • Added functionality to support changing of a camera's colorization/sensor mode and updated the CockpitCamera SDK sample to show this capability.
Known Issues Resolved
  • Snow and other mainly white textures will now properly render at their correct colors
  • ShowATCText in the Prepar3D.CFG file now properly toggles the ATC text
  • Fixed an issue where certain 3rd party aircraft had their mouse-picking disabled if water reflections were enabled
  • Fixed an issue where SimObject context menu IDs were not being recycled, which could cause menu.dll crashes in certain long-distance or heavy traffic flights
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases if you had bathymetry unchecked, the reflection slider could be disabled
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the menu system instrument panel labels would have incorrect names
  • Fixed an issue where render-to-texture views created via the SDK could cause menu crashes in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where in certain flights users could receive a g3d.dll crash with 3rd party add-on scenery
  • Reintroduced scenario file documentation in the Learning Center.
  • Several Learning Center articles were clarified