After receiving great feedback from our SW Forum users, we have implemented new application enhancements and made fixes to improve stability and usability of Prepar3D.

Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D 1.3

New Simulator Enhancements

  • ExternalSim based SimObjects can now participate in Air Traffic Control distributed simulation/multiplayer sessions
  • The simulation can now play sound when it does not have focus in Windows
    • Accessible via a checkbox in the 'Options - Settings - Sound' menu (Note: a simulator restart is required for a change to take effect)
    • Or as the 'MUTE_ON_LOST_FOCUS' entry in the Prepar3D.CFG file
    • The Prepar3D Learning Center sound article has been updated with details on this change
  • Used distributed simulation/multiplayer mission roles will now be recycled
    • If a player leaves the distributed simulation session their role will be recycled back to available so that the player can re-join or a new player can take their role
  • Ground Vehicles can now support left and right wheel animations
  • Custom weather themes are now supported and will be loaded into the simulation
    • The Prepar3D Learning Center weather themes article has been updated with details on this new feature

Performance Improvements

  • Default performance configurations have been updated to reflect new updates to the user interface and performance profiles

User Interface Updates

  • Two additional levels of detail (LOD) are now available for the Terrain LOD Radius slider
    • Very Large (5.5) and Extremely Large (6.5) are now available options
  • The existing 'WideViewAspect' configuration setting in the Prepar3D.CFG file for wide screen monitors is now accessible via a checkbox in the 'Options-Settings-Display' user interface
  • Simple and advanced control settings sections have been redesigned and simplified in the 'Options-Settings-Controls' user interface
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) window is now resizable
  • Minimum sizes have been enforced when resizing the multiplayer chat, ATC and learning center windows
  • Modeless windows now return the focus back to the main application when closed
  • The "minutes until session starts" notice in multiplayer exercises can be expanded up to 100 minutes
  • Tooltips have been added to the multiplayer user interface to give more detail on available settings

Content Updates

  • Updated airport geometry, taxiways and aprons for
    • Langley Air Force Base (KLFI)
    • Orlando Executive Airport (KORL)
    • Eglin Air Force Base (KVPS)
SimConnect and Software Development Kit (SDK) Enhancements for Developers
  • The first pass of a Content Error Reporting System is complete
    • More details are available in the SDK about to how enable with the ContentErrorLogging flag in your Prepar3D.CFG file
    • Asserts caused by content in the simulation will now be logged for developers to reference and fix
  • SimStart and SimStop now function correctly
Known Issues Resolved
  • Autogen and new season textures are now fully loaded after a change during runtime
  • Time of day, season and weather information are now set, saved and loaded from FLT files
  • Fixed an issue with the menu system not properly shutting down on exit with additional third party menu add-ons installed
  • Several controls settings that were not being saved are now being saved
  • Two controllers of the same type and name are now supported and can now be used in Prepar3D (including XBOX 360 controllers)
  • 'CTRL-SHIFT-?' now loads the Prepar3D Learning Center
  • Fixed several errors that would prevent multiplayer client missions from being loaded
  • Fixed a program crash on exit if a user deletes their AppData and ProgramData directories