The Prepar3D team has worked to extend the core capabilities of Microsoft® ESP™ and continue to add new features and functions that make the new platform a front runner in the modeling and simulation marketspace. Release 1.1 improves on the solid foundation of Release 1.0 in many new and exciting ways:

Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D 1.1

  • Multi-Touch support added
  • New functionality to save and load custom control configurations
  • Updated sensor view integration, examples and documentation - access the sensor views 'out of the box'
  • Multichannel instructions and examples expanded upon
  • Ability to control observer views through SimConnect
  • Custom window placements across multiple monitors are saved
Performance Improvements Across the Simulation

  • More efficient handling of Bathymetry
  • Optimizations for running with Bathymetry disabled
  • Upgraded rain/snow shaders to 3.0
  • Upgraded default aircraft shaders to 3.0
  • Default system performance configuration has been updated
Additions to Standard Vehicle Set

Legacy Lockheed Aircraft Courtesy of JustFlight Inc

  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning
  • Lockheed C-69 Constellation "Connie"
New GPS Gauge Enhancements

Enhancements made to Allow FAA Qualification

  • GPS welcome/verification page
  • Support for SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) and STARs (Standard Arrivals)
  • XML format defined for SIDs and STARs
  • Added synchronization of CDI scale with analogue instruments