Highlights of the Prepar3D extension of, and enhancements to, the core capabilities of Microsoft® ESP™ include:
New User Interface

Customizable and More Rich User Experience

  • Drag n’ Drop
  • Customized Data – save your favorites
  • Save and quickly retrieve your aircraft, your missions, your pilot records
  • Upgraded Learning Center – Create and edit your own articles for reference inside the simulation
Expanded Hardware Controls

32 Axes and 128 Buttons per Joystick

  • Upgraded to DirectInput8
  • Fully Supports Needs of All Vehicle Operators
Dynamic Underwater World

Dynamic Water Surface

  • Train on or under the water surface
  • Transparency - see through the water surface
  • Water fog
Added Global Bathymetry

  • Coastal Relief Model for Continental U.S.
  • Selected deep-ocean sites
  • Learn more...
Expanded Camera Control System

Free Roaming Camera Viewer

  • Create, delete, save camera viewpoints
  • Attach a camera to an existing object or a new location
Upgraded Landclass

10 Million Updated 1km Tiles

  • 3 million tiles upgraded from urban/farms to higher density
  • 7 million tiles upgraded from vegetation to more accurately reflect the human footprint in the real world
High-Resolution World Data

Norfolk, Virginia
Content Based on 12cm Real World Photography

  • 1488 real-world buildings
  • 3 seasons (summer, fall, winter)
  • Day and night
Added Multichannel Capability

Wider Field of View for Your Training Needs

  • Configurable up to 100 channels
  • Freedom to choose different geometric displays
  • Ready for COTS perspective correction software
Perspective Image Correction

Blend Multiple Projectors into a Single View

Prepar3D Supports Two Industry Leaders Out of the Box:

  • EasyBlend™ from Scalable Display Technologies
  • OmniMap™ from The Elumenati
Upgraded Panels and Gauges System

C++ Gauges now support DirectX

  • Embed hardware accelerated 3D Graphics into gauge displays
  • Unprecedented freedom to design complex gauges while maximizing performance
Sensor Capability

Configure Your Vehicle with a Sensor View

  • Design sensor views into cockpit gauges
  • Static Infra Red model
  • Gray scale and Green scale colorizer views