Multiplayer Settings


There may be times when you want to set specific numbers for some connection settings. In general, these are advanced settings that should only be changed for special-purpose configuration.

To open the Network Settings dialog box

Host Settings

Port range

If you need to go through a Network Address Translator (NAT), you can set the port range through which the simulator will communicate. The default port range is 6112 to 6122.

To set the port range

Voice compression

When players are using voice communication, voice packets are compressed to free bandwidth. Compression, however, degrades audio quality. You can make tradeoffs between compression and quality with the voice compression setting.

To set the voice compression

Client Settings

Enable Voice communication

When you are in a Multiplayer session and other players are using voice communication, voice packets are sent to your computer whether you're using voice communication or not. Those packets will tax your connection bandwidth, which is usually not a problem if you have a high-bandwidth connection.

Voice communication is on by default. You can disable voice communication on the Network Settings screen and free bandwidth by preventing voice packets from being sent to your computer. An icon next to your player name in the Distributed Simulation Session Lobby indicates to other players that you do not have voice communications turned on.

To disable voice communication

Other Settings

Connection time out

When the simulator cannot make a Multiplayer network connection, it will notify you that it has timed out. You may want to set a limit on how long you wait until the connection attempt times out.

To change the Connection time out setting

Keep alive

Periodic checks are made to verify that information packets are still being sent across a network connection. By default, if there is no response after fifteen seconds, it shuts the connection down. You can increase or decrease the amount of time that is used to keep the connection alive without receiving packets.

To change the Keep alive setting