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Free ForeFlight Mobile Plug-in from Flight1 Tech
November 22, 2016

Flight1 Aviation Technologies has released a free software plug-in for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator X that sends GPS, AHRS, and Traffic data from the simulator to ForeFlight Mobile on an iPad or iPhone.

“Pilots know that the more closely they re-create the mental experience they have in the airplane, the more valuable their training in a simulator can be,” says Flight1 Aviation Technologies President Jim Rhoads.

“Many of our customers use ForeFlight Mobile on an iPad or an iPhone when they fly, connected to an external GPS or ADS-B device,” he explains.

“While they can certainly use ForeFlight as a stand-alone Electronic Flight Bag to plan their flights, view charts, view weather, and get airport information when they simulate flying, we wanted them to be able to have the same connected experience they have in the air.”

ForeFlight connects to the simulator via a WiFi connection to the same network, then uses the data from the simulator just as it would use data coming from a real GPS or ADS-B device. Pilots can use ForeFlight Mobile with the simulator just like they would in the airplane, including the GPS, ADS-B Traffic, and Attitude Indicator features.

“We think it’s so valuable for pilots to use sims with the same tools they use in the airplane that we’re giving the ForeFlight Plug-in to anyone who requests it. We know it will enhance their experience using our avionics simulations.”

Pilots can learn more at:

About Flight1 Aviation Technologies

Flight1 Aviation Technologies was launched in 2004 to focus on delivering PC-based simulation solutions to aviation customers. With a unique history that has followed the simulation and training industry’s appropriation of game-based technologies, the company is changing the way pilots train and stay proficient. To learn more about their tools for flight training and pilot proficiency, visit

Contact Information

Jim Rhoads

Showcasing FSFlyingSchool PRO 2016
November 11, 2016

FSFlyingSchool’s artificially intelligent talking instructors give instant interactive instruction to pilots on any flight, in any powered airplane, anywhere in the world. The instructors watch and comment on over 70 different areas of airmanship. Full pilot logs of each flight are maintained and can be analyzed by the pilot to identify any problems.

The chief instructor will observe and instruct the pilot on aspects of their flight, such as ground and air traffic, taxiways at the current airfield, and weather conditions. Pilots can even talk to the instructor and get plenty of helpful information and advice on demand.

In addition, pilots can set up approaches to any land runway in the world within seconds by using the ‘On Approach’ function of FSFlyingSchool with a few mouse clicks. These approaches include final, intersecting final, downwind, and base leg.

FSFlyingSchool PRO 2016 gives nuanced instruction in 15 specific, popular aircrafts. The instructor knows their checklists and details such as power settings, fuel management, v-speeds, carburetor heat, cowl flaps, primer, fuel pumps, propeller levers and much more.


For more information about FSFlyingSchool PRO 2016 for Prepar3D v3, please visit:

Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 1 Released!
November 7, 2016

The Prepar3D team is excited to announce the first Hotfix update to Prepar3 v3.4 ( It can be downloaded immediately from the Purchased Downloads section of the website.

It addresses many reports and requests from our forum users.

For those that are interested in updating, only the Client installer is required for Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 1. The Content, Scenery, and SDK installers are optional. You must first have Prepar3D v3 installed to utilize the Client only installer. To install the new Client, you must first uninstall your current Prepar3D v3 Client via Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel.

The Prepar3D v3.4 Client update will require you to reactivate your product, however if you have an internet connection or have not made any major hardware changes between installations this should not be an issue. For more information please view the Prepar3D v3 Download and Installation Directions.


The Setup_Prepar3D.exe will install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 for you, but if you are doing a Client only installation, you must install it from Microsoft. If you are running Windows 10, ensure you are fully updated as the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 is included in the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Please be aware that some third developers might have to update their add-ons to be compatible with the hotfix. Please contact the third party developers directly for any compatibility questions.

Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 1

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Updated baseline framework to Microsoft .NET 4.6.2
    • Corrected a crash when entering SimDirector with Raw Input enabled due to a max handle count being exceeded
    • Corrected Baron and Bravo typos in their panel.cfg files
    • Fixing ATC window’s title bar being cut off at high DPI settings
    • Preserving Xbox controllers when switching control APIs
    • Reenabling tablet behaviors when gestures are modified. Correctly reading the setting in without restarting.
    • Fixed Focal Points not drawing in Virtual Instructor
    • Fixed issues with Video Streaming; displaying incorrect resolutions and a crash at higher resolutions
    • Allowing video stream clients to join after a stream has started
    • Supporting higher quality video streams
    • Enforcing alert dialog to correctly grab focus and pop when opening behind other windows
    • Ensure 2D panels properly layer on top of 3D windows
    • Added extended ASCII support for Scaleform Panels
    • Added additional joystick checks to fix issues of controllers not appearing or being settable
    • Updated multichannel and view group documentation
    • Fixed bug where hydraulic switch was not working through Panel API
    • Added video streaming configuration options
    • Fixed issue with HintPath not being preserved when saving a scenario
    • Forcing alert windows to display when behind other windows
    • Setting the Parking Brake infogen notification to the proper key
    • Stopped resetting audio devices during a hardware change. Caching previous state when recreating audio devices
    • Correcting issue with SimConnect global exceptions. Respecting client IDs for SimConnect exceptions.
    • Splash screen now displays immediately at startup
    • Correcting issue with Raw Input and Windows 10 keeping unplugged controllers in the device enumeration
    • Fixed a Raw Input access violation crash
    • Refactored how the splash screen is displayed during activation
    • Exposed additional chain message support to the PDK IEventService