OOM increased since last update Hotfix 3

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Re: OOM increased since last update Hotfix 3

Postby mfkillen » Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:47 pm

I am one of a number of P3D users who have noticed a serious increase in OOMs recently. Previously I only had to worry about an OOM for a flight of 8 hours +. Recently anything over 3 hours was a definite OOM.

Now it may be a bit early to confirm this, but to me it looks like Nvidia driver 378.92 is noticeable better with regards to VAS usage. I've got a test flight that has been going for 5 hours now and I am still sitting at 1.3 available VAS. Available VAS is slowly dropping but nothing like the rate it was previously.

Need to do more test flights but it looks good.
I'll try this one because this crap is driving frickin crazy with all these OOM issues. Thanks for the notice markiannarelli

Has any one have any recommended driver settings they can share or are you using default settings


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