Help with Simple Scenario

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Help with Simple Scenario

Post by coderedaus »

Hi All,

Hoping for some advice. I am setting up a very simple simulator for a museum to be used by the public and have purchased the P3Dv6 Professional License as per advice from Lockheed Martin. I need to create a simple scenario where a custom image (of the museum) is shown as holding screen, and the user presses a large green button which will be installed in the cockpit. Once the green button is pressed, the user has a 6 minute session time before the simulator reverts back to the holding screen waiting for the green button to be pressed again. I have created an overview.html I can use as the holding screen, however it only appears when the scenario is loaded, not every time the screnario reloads.

Any suggestionns on how I might achieve this will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Help with Simple Scenario

Post by JacobM »

I don't know if you have fixed this issue yet, but here are some thoughts.

1. Make it so you don't have to reload the scenario. Design everything to reset after 6 min. When the timer expires, have a thank you phrase or the like and reposition the aircraft to the starting point, refuel, reset the timer and triggers. If you never disabled the HTML panel is will still be there.

2. Have the HTML panel enable and disable a few times at the start. Just build in the simple "turn it off and back on" trope. Dumb solution to a dumb problem.

3. Find out what is causing the issue. I'm normally first to blame SimDirector for a bug, but plenty of times it was actually my fault.

I have more thoughts, but you may have figured this out already. Send me the scenario if you have not fixed it and I can take a look!
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