P3Dv4 Loading Times

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P3Dv4 Loading Times

Postby ianor » Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:01 pm

From starting P3D to getting the start-up screen takes around 3 minutes on my set-up.

I have Orbx FTX Global : Base/openLC Europe and Vector plus some 25 add-on sceneries.

Whilst running P3Dv3 and using a scenery config editor, I always disabled all sceneries and Orbx LC areas that were not relevant to the paricular flight. This was to save on VAS.

With v4 being 64 bit, VAS is no longer an issue. However, would it speed up start load times if non-relevant sceneries and areas were disabled prior to launching P3Dv4?..........or is this considered to be bad "practice" with v4.

Thanks for advice.

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Mike Sierra
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Re: P3Dv4 Loading Times

Postby Mike Sierra » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:56 am

I have already compared the loading times of the Bruce Artwick Flight Simulator from 1982 running on Commodore C64 and P3Dv4 from 2018 on an I7 or i8 CPU. Though the CPU frequency has multiplied by 4-5000 since the old times, the loading times of the sims remained nearly the same (2:12 vs. 2-3 minutes).
But to give you an answer:
Of course you can de-activate scenery.cfg-entries to make the startup going faster, I use Scenery Config Editor, a standalone tool, which makes activating and de-activating sceneries by groups easy.
So, e.g., deactivating European sceneries (mesh, landclass, airports) when only sim-flying in the Americas may save you a good part of startup time.
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Re: P3Dv4 Loading Times

Postby JorgenSA » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:26 pm

Plus the loading time goes up and up as you install more and more AI....

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