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Stargazer Project Released!!!

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:06 pm
by MyPC8MyBrain
Chris Bell and Creative Design Studios Team bringing you the latest Technology and Innovation in Flight Simulations,
Stargazer is our latest project as we push further enhancing night flight ambiance,

looking at the native sim sky looks very dull and boring, once we climb over the clouds overcast at night; we lose the spectacular ground views, Looking at almost bear naked dark sky is not realistic as the sky at night have their own vivid spectacular views; we are spared the added value of night flying without a proper star map at night,

this is where Stargazer shows its strength and value as we spread millions of real stars positioned in the night sky based on real world data and time calculations, in the near future we will publish stars positions that are calculated daily for the best looking sky you will ever get to see in real life or in simulation,


Stargazer is now available for immediate download through our shop :)



Re: Stargazer Project Released!!!

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:51 pm
by mattdee
Hi Chris, I just watched the video on your site hoping to find a resolution to the abysmal default night environment in P3D. I really enjoy flying at night however P3D has killed it, all due respect to what is a flight sim that's head and shoulders above anything else. Having said this Chris I doubt whether anyone has seen that many stars in their entire life in a year of nights!

It's simply not realistic to see that many stars. Astronomers would kill for nights like what's depicted in your video, it doesn't happen. Unless your software is capable of winding back the amount of stars then I guess I'm going to have to keep waiting until a realistic solution is available.

Regards Matthew

Re: Stargazer Project Released!!!

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:35 pm
by MyPC8MyBrain
Hi Matthew :)
look at the brights side of things...
first Astronomers wont have to kill now with Stargazer ;)
instead they can go for a flight in P3D and enjoy a magnificent sky full of stars,
since they are Astronomers they would love to try out the different levels we over in combination with different weather conditions and settings etc...

though Stargazer is rendered from 100% accurate and up to date data,
Stargazer is not a navigation aid, Stargazer comes to fill a gap in night ambiance and give you the tools to manage your visuals as you please,

another point for you to think about...
this is a showcasing video; did you expect us to showcase the fades magnitude Stargazer has?
how much of it do you think will be visible by the time the video is rendered to view?
its not a day time video,
a pitch dark night is our canvas!

between Black Marble NG and Stargazer just look what we can do these days in P3D <3
do you prefer the old days of FSX?