Prepar3D Crashing to Desktop

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Prepar3D Crashing to Desktop

Postby augustinebrummel » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:42 pm

Good Morning,

I recently purchased Prepar3D and all of the PMDG aircraft for Prepar3D. I am having several problems. The entire brightness of the game is not even. Such as if I am looking at my flight neck and then zoom out to look outside everything is super white and then it dims down. I do not like this. I tried to change the brightness settings but that did not work. My second issue is that when I am in the PMDG 747 and I load clddrk config on the aircraft it crashes the game to the desktop. I also have a problem when doing a different weather theme that is provided by Prepare the game crashes to the desktop for all weather themes chosen other than fair. I want to add Active Sky to the game but I dont want to throw any more money into it because I have already spent $500 on ad dons and the game doesn't even work. Any help would be great thank you.

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Re: Prepar3D Crashing to Desktop

Postby Kayla Kinzel » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:33 pm


Have you tried uninstalling your addons to ensure that default Prepar3D is functioning properly?

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Re: Prepar3D Crashing to Desktop

Postby elmucki » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:23 pm

does the VANILLA install work as it should? If so, why are you posting here?

Now to address your issue...
1) have you installed the aircraft one at a time and ensure full functionality before installing the second?
2) what does your crash report say is the reason? (Event Viewer)
3) Have you tried contacting PMDG about this?
4) There is also a bug which LM is aware of, so you will have to wait it out on that one.

I can not duplicate the issue with the info you provided... Mine load up as they should so not sure whats going on with yours. There are installation instructions when installing P3D and PMDG, did you follow those to the letter?

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