CIGI Crash when using P3D as IG

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CIGI Crash when using P3D as IG

Postby OPS_Support » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:48 am


I am attempting to use P3D as an IG with external flight model environment. My initial test was to connect P3D to a CIGI Host. I am using the CIGI Host Emulator 3 software that is provided by CIGI as a test module. After I press "Start IG" in the P3D Menu I can see CIGI packets being sent to/from the host machine for a few seconds then P3D hangs and crashes to desktop.

Am I missing something in the setup that is causing P3D to crash when used as an IG? Do I need to add a specify TypeID into the DISEntityTypes.xml for the aircraft that I intend on flying in P3D?

The end goal is to have the HOST machine fly around the P3D aircraft and for me to be able to use the navigation equipment inside of the P3D aircraft (since my flight model software doesn't have a navaid database). Is this possible?



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Re: CIGI Crash when using P3D as IG

Postby Brady Butler » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:39 am

Hello Lukas,

Did you review the CIGI page in the Learning Center? ... rview.html

Do you know which packets are being sent before the crash happens (and possibly the data inside them)?

Are there any Prepar3D add-ons installed such as aircraft models, etc?

Brady Butler
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