Multichannel setup issues

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Multichannel setup issues

Postby sisoffi » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:10 pm

Hi,Hello everyone,
I am writing on behalf of a friend who is trying a multichannel system on his simulator. We followed perfectly the whole guide that was in one of the posts of this forum making the system work perfectly between a server pc and a client PC. The system consists of the following setup:

1. pc server i7 6700k + gtx960 + 760 used to run a p3d at the minimum settings with CAD-only airports and panel equipment.
1. pc client i7 7700k + gtx1070 with a projection screen with 3 projectors optoma gt720 with 4800x1200 warpato in surround with 3 views undocked via warpalizer. 3 windows have been undocked for the 3 view rooms in order to obtain a 220 °.

1. launches prepar3d server side, everything ok directly launches the saved scenario and every time you have to do a reading of the scenery obiejcts putting several minutes, both to load another airport and location (unusual thing until you used opus and was fast) . in any case it does not start client side p3d (you have to launch it specifically).
2. prepare client-side 3d is synchronized tutavia giving us different time.


1. at the moment of the connection the saved flight on the client side completely loses the saved views rooms by putting a single window into a view and not being able to return to a 220 ° view.

2. We have tried to remove the "shared aircraft" from the multichannel xml without any effect.

3. I do not need to synchronize the plane (shared aircraft does not interest me) but interesas maintain increased performance even in view of possible additions to other client PCs. The problem is how to keep the screen setup on the client so that nothing updates to the server.

4. I do not understand why if I inject a weather from an instructor station and actually changes in the server the client does not update the weather.

it would then seem that the multichannel system worked very well with a hardware between the two PCs exploiting resources of both PCs and in fact trying with a test to synchronize a single monitor in the server and the view in the client does not notice jerky and performance. But, when you go to exploit more monitors in the server for the cockpit instruments going to make gpu cards like the 760 (which for monitors vga as the FMC is fine) the system begins to collapse

Thanks for your help

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Re: Multichannel setup issues

Postby Beau Hollis » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:41 pm

The way that the server controls client views is by activating a view group. The view group defines the frustum offset values, field-of-view, etc, for each view in the group. The server typically renders a single view that controls the view group. This way that view on the server can pan and zoom and the client views update accordingly. The main advantage here is that ability to synchronize frames between the clients. The server may run faster than the clients.

Content and settings should match between server and all clients in this case to ensure that the same models are rendering and the same number of clouds are drawing, etc.

From your description, it sounds like you are not using a view group, and that all 3 of your main 3d views are rendered on the same client. It also sounds like settings and content are different from the server to the client. This setup isn't really the use case multichannel is currently intended for.

1) It should be possible to configure a view group with the same offsets and fov values used for your undocked windows. This would allow you to control the view group in multichannel or single channel. This would also allow you to pan the camera around and switch between view types (VC, locked spot, etc)

2-3) I have to look into this. I think sharing the aircraft may be required to keep aircraft animations synchronized.

4) Weather is synchronized when the scenario loads and enough data is synchronized to keep the simulated changes to weather synchronized. A big part of this is keeping the eye point location and simulation time of each frame up to date. Weather injection is currently not accounted for.

As for the performance, you may want to try a combination of multichannel and multiplayer. You could potentially use 3 multichannel clients for the each of the 3d views, and use a multiplayer client to drive panels.
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