Hotkey for anti-aliasing setting change

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Hotkey for anti-aliasing setting change

Postby flyblueskies » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:11 pm

Would it be possible to add hotkeys for several anti-aliasing settings?

For instance, using Dynamic Lighting at payware large airports works well when anti-aliasing set to 2SAA. But, as soon as I get into the air, I'd like to set ant-aliasing to 8SAA.

That way, at the airport, with anti-aliasing set to 2SAA, frame rates are relatively good...but once in the air, this same setting makes the lights in the distance too shimmery. However, by setting anti-aliasing to 8SAA, the shimmery lights go away...

So, it would be great to have a hotkey to quickly and easily change between these two settings.

Ideally, I could assign a hot key to either both of these settings or one-hotkey to toggle between two assignable settings.

This would save the time to access the menu, then graphics, then choose the anti-aliasing setting, and finally, click OK.

This seems like a nice feature, that might not be too hard to implement...

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