Lags and stutters

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Lags and stutters

Postby falcon9999 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:03 am

As a post script to my posting on the "Lags and or stutters post" and after reading other people on this forum with the same problem of "long frames" especially during aircraft turns I have come across something very weird which I hope the administrators on this forum could comment on. When flying the P3D V4 stock A36 Bonanza and my addon Sky Wagon 207 both were on AP, all you have to do is hover the mouse pointer over any clickable knob, lets say the "Heading hold selector" and that will cause a lag or "Long frame". You do not even have to attempt a turn just hover the mouse over the selector knob. If you then turn the AP off you can turn any which way and no lags or long frames. I assuming that if it does this with the 2 aircraft mentioned it will do it with all aircraft although I am still testing this with other aircraft. It is as if P3D knows when you are about to use a knob and then produces a lag "long frame" for some reason. I find this very weird!.

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