Huge FPS drop after BIOS update

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Huge FPS drop after BIOS update

Postby Camelspider » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:48 pm

Hello !

I updated my Bios because of all this new Intel issues and I also updated P3D to V4.2

After this all I have a huge drop of my FPS. Before I was running limited with around 33 FPS, now I am at around 15 fps, sometimes at 11. I am using medium settings and I have an Intel 8700k, a 1080TI, 32 GB RAM and I am running this Programm in 4k.

Someone similar results and is someone here who have an idea how to increase this again ???

All driver, Windows, P3D and P3d Add-ons are on the latest version.

Thx and best regards

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