2 GTX 1080s in Sli without NVSurround

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2 GTX 1080s in Sli without NVSurround

Postby capteinjack737p3d » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:56 pm

Hey Guys,

I read a lot of posts here trying to get the sli managment workin. But I didn´t really find my problem.
I have 3 Beamers connected to one card.
I have a slibrigde installed (nvidia)
I have specs in NCP: use Alternate Frame Rendering 2 and Singel GPU.
With my P3D V4.1 I can´t get the 2nd GPU in use.
I even changed the Nvidia driver VErsion from 388 to 378. No Change.
The first is at 100%, the second is at 0%.

I read somewhere, something about Alternate Frame Rendering....
But I did´t find what to change to make that work?

I remember it was something like changeing the name of the P3D V4 exe, but I am not sure anymore...

I cant´t use Surround, cause I want to use View Groups (from Immersive Display Pro) to have my 180° of View!

Please help me, i am lost. :-)

Regards Jörg

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Re: 2 GTX 1080s in Sli without NVSurround

Postby Saldo » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:04 am

That worked a sort of years ago.

SLI is not the best way now. Use one to drive one monitor and the other to drive the other two.
That is what LM advises and is indeed the best way.

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