P3DV3 Stutters

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P3DV3 Stutters

Postby BoeingG » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:11 am

After updating my FTX and REX programmes approximately 1 week ago, I began to receive stutters in my flight simulator. I've found that by reducing AA settings in NVidia Inspector orin the simulator itself that the problems disappear, or by turning shadows off completely.

It appears I'm able to have 8 MSAA in game and 4 in NVidia Inspector or vice-versa, however - contrary to before I updated these products - if they're both on the same setting the stutters reappear.

I have already tried reinstalling my simulator but to no avail.

ChasePlane, PrecipitFX, FTX Global Base, REX Textures Direct Enhanced, FSL A320, ActiveSky Next, GSX, and FSDT JFKV2 are the add-ons I'm using if I recall correctly.

I'm also using the PTA shaders.

I'm at a loss at this point; without shadows, P3D is rendered virtually useless in my view, but without these AA settings lines look awful and discourage me from flying at all.

I've already tried reducing the texture resolutions in REX but again to no avail.
I've also tried reinstalling my FTX scenery and redoing the Unified Lockup but to no avail.


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